Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Business cards

I’ve noticed that having a business card, even just for your own personal information (as opposed to being for a business), makes a significant impact when you’re meeting someone for the first time. 

There’s an outfit called VistaPrint who provides business cards from their stock layouts in small quantities for nearly free.  You do the layout online, choose from one of their stock backgrounds and put in your information. 

The cost of the business cards, in my view, barely covers the cost of mailing, but it’s great when you need to give someone your information (at the pharmacy, auto shop, wherever) and you just hand them a card.  I usually keep a half dozen or so in my jacket, just in case.

This particular company also provides a lot of other cool items, like baseball caps, fridge magnets and so forth.  Some cost a bit, others are very inexpensive.  It’s worth looking into.

No, I’m not connected with VistaPrint other than being a customer.


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