Saturday, March 6, 2010

So what action IS appropriate?


I just read the following in the RCI Cyberjournal, the daily email bulletin sent out by Radio Canada International:



The Canadian government is defending its handling of the case of Iranian-Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi.  Ms. Kazemi died in police custody in Tehran in 2003 after being beaten and tortured.  Canada's government has expressed its dissatisfaction over Iran's investigation into her death.  Her son, Stephan Hazhemi, has sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper in which he accuses the government of uttering empty words of condemnation while failing to support them with action against Iran.  A spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon says that the government has consistently spoken out against human rights abuses in Iran.


I’m wondering, what sort of action DOES Mr. Hazhemi think is appropriate?  Should Canada go to war over this?  I understand how he must feel, and I know I’d be in an absolute fit if I were in his shoes, but the wheels of diplomacy and international relations don’t exactly run at NASCAR speeds, and there is only so much that one nation can do with regards to the actions of another, short of actual military action.

So I’m curious, what sort of action does Mr. Hazhemi want the Canadian government to take?

-- //Steve//

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