Monday, May 31, 2010

We’ve moved…


…and chaos reigns!

We pulled up stakes from the Wildomar house on Saturday, 15-May.  VIP Mayflower came and picked up everything, and plunked us down at the new place in Corona.  As they did before – they’ve moved us at least one time before – they took good care of us.  Money was pretty critical this time, so I asked if they could match or beat the quote from another mover for the cost of packing.  (We were trying to do our own packing to save money, but there was just so much stuff, and with my limited capabilities since the back surgery I was just not up to it.)  They beat the quote, so our move came in at just under $2k for all that stuff!!!  The place we’re in now is smaller, so it’s taking us a while to get everything settled in to the reduced capacity of our new home.  But we’ll get there.

The chaos factor has increased, since our oldest daughter and granddaughter have moved back here from New Mexico.  They’re in the process of finding jobs and a place to live, so the nest has gone from empty back to being to very full for the time being.  It’s a little stressful, especially for me, but I think after a while I’ll be okay with it.  I love ‘em both to pieces, but my problem (and it’s MY problem, nothing against them!) is that we haven’t even got all of our stuff unpacked yet and now we’re having to deal with another U-Haul truck full of stuff.  I got a little stressed-out over it all, and I reacted badly, so I’ve got some apologizing to do.

My laptop also went on the fritz just after we moved, so I’m having to make do with a desktop (no portability) with half the memory and almost a tenth of the disk space as my trusty XPS, so I’m looking at replacement options.  The optical drive was going out on it anyway, so it’s probably just as well that I have to replace it, but it’s not something I can really afford right now.

We also had to deal with the expense of replacing the engine in our car, since the engine blew recently.  More on that one in a coming post.  Brace yourself on that one – lots of drama, including the betrayal by someone whom I thought was a very good friend.

Anyway, we’re here.  I’ve sent out a change of address email to a list of friends, but if you’re reading this and didn’t get the email, let me know.  Some addresses came back as no longer valid, and I don’t have email addresses for everyone I know.


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