Thursday, July 22, 2010

It’s tragic when a church implodes…

Tuesday this week, our church business meeting started out routinely enough, then degenerated into character assassination, charges of blackmail, and calls for the pastor to resign.  Despite the best efforts of both the regular moderator and a “stunt double” moderator brought in from outside the church, there was no possible way to maintain order.  After about two or three hours of excruciatingly painful debate, it finally became obvious to most that there was no way anything further was going to be accomplished that night, so the meeting was adjourned around 9pm.

I’m so brokenhearted over the whole thing – seeing friends attacking each other, falling on to each other like cannibalistic wolves, flinging all sorts of rumors and innuendo – that I wonder if I will ever return.  I know I’ll be taking this Sunday “off” but it remains to be seen if I’ll be searching for a new church home soon…


PS: Those who know me from church know what church I’m talking about.  Those who don’t, I’m not going to mess things up further by identifying either church or members involved.

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