Friday, June 25, 2010

Press-Enterprise customer service…?

On Wednesday this week, I called the Press-Enterprise newspaper here in Riverside, CA to subscribe.  At the time I called, they said it was too late in the day to arrange to start service the next day, but it would be no problem to have the paper start arriving on Friday (that’s today).

This morning, no paper.  Customer Service doesn’t open until 7am, but their website was up 24/7 so I put in a note on their online service form to indicate that I had not received my paper that day.

7:30am rolls around, still no paper.  I called them directly, and was told that it should have arrived not later than 6am on weekdays, 7:30am on weekends, they apologized and said they would notify the delivery supervisor and get a paper right out to me.

9am rolls around, still no paper.  Another call, another round of apologies and promises of a delivery.

11am, still nothing.  Another call, a promise this time of notifying management that there was a problem.

It’s after noon now, still no morning newspaper.

If this is any indication of the level of service I can expect from the Press-Enterprise, my next call will be to demand a refund.  I think I’ve been patient enough…  Argh.


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